Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Included To bring
Transport Comfortable clothes
Professional guide Trekking shoes
Full equipment for watching (binocularsand manual)

Thanks to the vegetation of the sur of Chile, you will have a great observation of birds and of the river.

Going down through the river is a great way to take pictures of the waterfowls and the forest, enjoying the environment. Enjoy a relaxing day with a professional guide of the area. This activity relies on a true sapharique photos.

Observation on the Liucura river

During the activity, during a half-day, you will go down through a river with a wonderful beauty. You will be able to watch the diversity of the fauna of the area.

Activity for everyone.

Exit from the agency : 8h30 ou 15h30
1 person85 000$
2 persons45 000$
3 persons40 000$
4 persons35 000$