Bird Watching


Include To bring
Transport Comfortable clothes
Guide knowledgeable expert Hiking boots
Complete equipment for observation (binoculars and manual)

Due to the type of vegetation present in south of Chile the best way to observe birds is from a boat.

Relax and go down on the river is clearly the ideal option to take pictures of aquatic birds and of the different amazing trees in the forest, especially when you are in an environment of high tourist interest. Enjoy a relaxing activity with an expert guide of the zone, down the river in boat or a raft. This activity is a photographic safari in general, because you will discover a beautiful view during all of your time on the river.

Observation on the Liucura river

During half a day you will be totally emerged in an environment of peace and calm. This is also the perfect way to not only discover Chile and its beautiful landscapes, but also to learn more about the animals living in the area. This activity, right down on the river, is remarkable by its beauty. During half a day you will observe ducks, pidenes Martin fisherman...and many others !

Activity available for everybody.

Departure time from the agency : 8h30 or 15h30
1 person80 000$
2 people41 000$
3 people35 000$
4 people30 000$