Volcanic Caves

Volcanic Caves
Includes To bring
Guides Warm Clothes
Initiation of vulcanology Walking shoes

Conditions Description
Duration : 1h

This excursion takes place at the volcano Villarrica base. We will take a small path that starts at 1.100m and that will take us through various craters (1 400m). We will be able to see lava flows, the forest and its fauna. From the mirador, we will see the Caburga lakes, the Llaima and Villarrica volcanoes and a consequent part of the Andes mountains.
After this walk, we will visit an interpretation center about the Villarrica Volcano, before discovering the volcanic caves. This cave was form with the lava flow. It is built over a 300 m of length.

Ask for transport at the agency (15 000$)