Free fall

Free fall in parachute
Include To bring
Flight aircraft (Cessna 180, 250Hp engine) Comfortable clothes
Professional graduated instructor Basket
Complete equipment
Place Description
Pucón Airport

Enjoy a twenty minute flight over Pucón its amazing volcano and the Villarrica lake before jumping from a height of 3000 m for 30 seconds in a complete free fall.

The fall takes about 5 minutes to reach Pucon’s airport by parachute.

You can also immortalize this amazing experience into a 10 minutes film !

Before each jump you will have a complete brief on the important rules and on the safety and technical standards for the free fall. You will also describe step by step the progress of the jump with your guide.

Total : 1h30
Departure time from our agency : 10h/12h30/15h/17h
From 12 years old (with parental consent)
Not adapted for people with back pain and heart problems
  • 20 min transport go/back to Pucon
  • 15 min ground for explanations
  • 20 min flight
  • 30 s free fall
  • 5 min from parachute
Free fall : 150 000$
  • vídeo : +50 000$