Tours downhill

We offer 3 types of outputs :

We propose these outputs in several different circuits. Below you will find thedescription of each circuit

We use the following models of bikes :

  • Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon 2014, Size M
  • Commencal SX 27,5 2014, Size M
Include To bring
Transportation to and from the game Pucón Personal mountainbike equipment
Instruction Mountainbike (brakes, curves, position ..) Backpack with water and personal items
Expert guides Goggles and sunscreen
Mechanical assistance and first aid Camera

NOTES : The English, Australians and most descendants countries UK, use the front brake on the right. Please let us know if you want 24hrs prior bikes with the right front brake.

Downhill - Half day
Length Description
3h / 4h

This tour is designed for bikers who only have a few hours to get rolling, with departures from Pucón ; morning, afternoon and evening (night ride). It is possible to accommodate departure times.

From Pucon we drove to one of the three different sectors in which we have prepared half-day tours, these mostly transiting trails and freeride lines built and mapped by us.

The three fields in which the half-day tour are : “The Classic”, “Dry Rock”, and “Cerduo”.

Departure times
9am / 3pm / 9pm
20km - 30km
60 000$
Rent of lights for night ride : 10.000$


Downhill - Full day
Length Description
7h / 8h

This tour is designed for bikers who want to live a full day of volcanic mountainbike, starting in the morning from Pucon we move towards the start of the three courses offered : « The Classic / Dry Rock », « Cerduo long »and«  Great freeride »three amazing tours that we defy physical and technically for 5-6 hrs of riding, always traveling on different terrains and watching countless beautiful landscapes.

The activity ends with a rich southern typical barbecue, surrounded by a beautiful natural environment.

Departure times
40km - 50km
80 000$


Downhill - Volcán Villarrica - Rukapillan
Length Description
3h / 4h

This tour is designed for bikers who want to live an exciting descent of the volcano, Pucon in departing from truck to downtown ski and climbing their way up to the highest possible point, we begin the different routes that we have as an option in the sectors ; « The Classic » and « Dry Rock » finally coming to Pucón.

Definitely a great way to enjoy the most exciting mountainbike.

Departure times
10am / 4pm
55 000$

Description of the circuits

Senderos sector « The Classic »
1. The Classic
Our first big track « The Classic », is an incredible drop 9 km long, which we have specially constructed to achieve the best feelings on our bikes.

From the beginning to the altitude of 1400 m will take you into a varied and dense native forest which is also added a section of volcanic rock which transforms this trail as one of the most complete in terms diversity of terrain and environments.

2. Rock
Rock is a tremendous journey that begins on the ski center up to 1600m.s.n.m, with long of 10 km with an incredible freeride which then connects to a path that will take us locked directly to a volcanic corridor that has a unique shape, almost as if the volcano had cast a natural parc on the petrified rock, the trail passes through this wonderful lava ravine surrounded by beautiful landscapes and views.
3. Lenga
Lenga is a new path that we have implemented in the vicinity of the ski area with a 3km long , this goes deep in a beautiful beech forest, the technical level is less than the first part of the classic, still preserving a very tempting technical grade for all levels, making it a great choice to enjoy the top of the volcano.

Senderos sector « Dry Rock »
5. Old
The old way is the first and great road that used local MTBikers, this path is immersed in a giant ditch volcanic rock characterized by loose volcanic rock field and a beautiful view over the landscape during the tour.
6. National
The country is one of the most technical lines possessing the volcano, its route will run on an immense volcanic where we found a number of very technical rocky obstacles, it has a great grip porous volcanic rock contrasts with the complicated and challenging this morphology on the trail.
7. The Fox
Zorro begins with an incredible path present in the middle of this huge ditch, built very recently, this trail will provide us with an excellent feel on the bike through different types of volcanic soil, this exciting trail winds through within the volcanic valley to a beautiful native forest.
8. Traversia
Crossing one of the first trails we use starts with a beautiful compact freeride areas of volcanic rock and loose rock, after that continue into a locked and technical trail, which left us in an old logging road, then continue to a new section called mystical forest, which challenges us with a jam path of volcanic rock immersed in a beautiful rainforest that covers the rocks with moss and accompanied with rich estuaries of mountainous water.
9. Pucón Trails
Pucón Trails is the union of many paths leading to Pucon, the total distance is 11km approx. since there are many options depending on the level of the rider and tastes without too steep is ideal for enduro and suitable for almost everyone. Very entertaining and recommended path.

Senderos sector « Cerduo »
10. Valle Turbio
Valle is a shady bike path Pucon, which crosses the beautiful volcanic Cerdúo sector, this sector comprises two molded flares and valleys covered with beautiful native forest, besides having a beautiful flora, you can see a lot of panoramic views and go through incredible volcanic beds of rivers and waterfalls accompanied Posones Technician in parts and other soft trail, this tour is a great option output.
11. Portezuelo
This route runs through the beautiful cerduo sector, composed of two volcanic valleys, the route climbs up one of the valleys to a high point on the ditch to cross to the other by a beautiful valley pass between the mountains, this pass it is covered by a dense native forest which leads us to an exciting descent on technical trails and runs compact volcanic rock.

Senderos tipo Travesía
12. Great Freeride
Great freeride is a new bike path created by pucón, it begins on the east side of the volcano, where we started the climb through a beautiful forest of pine, then climb on top of the « snow hill », from which we can see the dimension the Rukapillan, showing us the fullness of Pichillancahue this beautiful glacier on the east side, from there also contemplate the beautiful view over the valleys and near Pucon also see the incredible journey which face down, a giant volcanic rock freeride, which descends over 1500metros and challenges us with different types of compact and loose volcanic rock, to penetrate the beautiful valley of Cerduo.