Mountain bike / Downhill

Downhill - Volcán Villarrica - Rukapillan
Length Description
3h / 4h

This tour is designed for bikers who want to live an exciting descent of the volcano, Pucon in departing from truck to downtown ski and climbing their way up to the highest possible point, we begin the different routes that we have as an option in the sectors ; « The Classic » and « Dry Rock » finally coming to Pucón.

Definitely a great way to enjoy the most exciting mountainbike.

Departure times
11am / 5pm
60 000$ (4 runs)
+ 5 000$ /extra run
+ 15 000$ for the run to Pucon
+ 5 000$ for the optional sunset from Mirador el Volcan with full aperitif at the end of the activity

Warning : You should wear a trouser and good shoes. You pay directly at the bike park by CASH. Sign risk acceptance form and reliability.

We provide you : elbow pad, knee pad, helmet, goggle. Bikes :

  • Scott Gambler 2016 S
  • Kona Entourage 2013 M
  • Specialized Status 2013 M

Description of the circuits

Senderos sector « The Classic »
1. The Classic
Our first big track « The Classic », is an incredible drop 9 km long, which we have specially constructed to achieve the best feelings on our bikes.

From the beginning to the altitude of 1400 m will take you into a varied and dense native forest which is also added a section of volcanic rock which transforms this trail as one of the most complete in terms diversity of terrain and environments.

2. Rock
Rock is a tremendous journey that begins on the ski center up to 1600m.s.n.m, with long of 10 km with an incredible freeride which then connects to a path that will take us locked directly to a volcanic corridor that has a unique shape, almost as if the volcano had cast a natural parc on the petrified rock, the trail passes through this wonderful lava ravine surrounded by beautiful landscapes and views.
3. Lenga
Lenga is a new path that we have implemented in the vicinity of the ski area with a 3km long , this goes deep in a beautiful beech forest, the technical level is less than the first part of the classic, still preserving a very tempting technical grade for all levels, making it a great choice to enjoy the top of the volcano.