Tree Adventure

Tree Adventure
Include To bring
Transport from Pucón Comfortable clothes, sport shoes
Bilingual guide (english/spanish)

Place Description

There are 17 workshops located between 1.50 m and 3m high. On the ground, the activity lasts 45 minutes and takes place in a dense forest, consisting of oak, coihues, elm and cypress.

The course is designed for adventurous, with workshops and games of varying difficulty, primarily designed to develop concentration by the mean of challenge and adventure.

During the various workshops to various difficulties, you must use your skills and different strategies for achieving your goal.

In each event and platforms, you must use your imagination throughout the course of the activity : a harness, helmet, gloves and technical aspects of security.

Total : 2h30
Activity : 1h
Departure time from the agency : 10h / 12h30 / 15h / 17h
Minimum age : 7 years
High minimum : 1.5m
Minimum of 4 people, max 25