Volcano Quetrupillan


Climbing the volcano is possible in summer and autumn, escorted by professional guides. This activity of 7/8 hours requires intermediate fitness, due to the elevation gain (1320).

Include To bring
Transport back and forth Comfortable and warm clothes
Equipment ( helmet, ski poles, 3 layers on top
gaiters, sledge) (t shirt, fleece and jacket)
1 guide/4 pax Sunglasses UV3, suncream,
Entrance in the Nacional Park lipstick
Insurance Hats sun (cap)
Equipment optionnal : moutain shoes, and cold (beanie & scarf)
gloves, backpack ,pants, jacket... Long socks et thermic gloves
To eat and drink : sandwiches,
gas mask energetic bars, and 1,5L of water


Sherpa.................................+20 000$
Private Guide ..........................+30 000$
Horary Place Description
6h30 Agency 1st Check weather / get dress and prepare your backpack
7h On the road to the Volcano 40km (1h20min)
8h30 Volcano base 2nd check with guides
8h30h/17h max Ascent Around 2h in the native forest and then 2h or 3h of ascent with break every 45min.
12h30 / 13h30 Crater Duration at the summit : 1 hour more or less, depending on the weather condition, of the group and the hour of arrival at the summit
17h/19h Volcano/return to the agency The descent walking / tobogganing depending on the season

More informations

> Our plus
> How to book ?
> The day before the ascent
> Included in the price
> What do I have to bring
>How long do we stay at the summit ?
> Who is able to do the ascent ?
> What if the weather conditions is unfavorable
> Which season is the best to do the ascent ?


We advise you to : « try your chance since the first day you re in Pucon » as the weather is unpredictable.

Our plus :
  • Security above all :
    • 1 guide + 1 assistant guide for 8 passengers
    • We have been working with the same team of guides for 5 years. They have radio and are in constant communication with the agency and one with each other.
    • We pay for a detailed meteo forecast, which permits to give you the best information about the chances of successing the ascent, and avoiding to take any risk.
    • The weather checking in the morning is done with the boss and the guides.
How to book ?

By email

If you want to book by email, send us the following information at (info@aguaventura.com) :

    • Name, Surname
    • Passport number
    • Nationality
    • Birth date
    • Clothes size ( S / M / L / XL)
    • How did you hear about the agency ?
    • Where do you live in Pucon ?

Booking at the agency The ascent of the volcano depends a lot on the weather condition, that is why we advise you to come at the agency when you arrive in Pucón : thus we will see together what is the best day to do the ascent. In any case, you will have to come at the agency the day before your ascent, in the evening, to try on the equipment and revise the final details.

How to pay ? It is possible to pay by credit card (+5% commission), debit card, or by cash. You will pay at the end of the day, once you already did the ascent : we are the only agency to proceed like this.

What is included is the price ? (45 000$)
  • The equipment (in case of loosing, the price of the item will be charged to you) :
    • Helmet, sledge, ski poles
    • Gaiters
  • Transport round trip since the agency until the base of the volcano
  • Park entrance : 2000$
  • 1 professional guide et 1 assistant guide for 8 passengers (Spanish and english speakers)
  • Basic insurance
What do i have to bring ?
  • Warm clothes
  • 3 layers on top : t-shirt, fleece, easy to take off
  • 1 comfortable pair of pants (no short)
  • long socks
  • hat, gloves
  • Sunglasses (category 3 minimum, covering your face - rental + 2000 pesos)
  • Solar cream (high level of protection : 30 minimum), to use at every stop
  • Trekking poles (optional, rental +2000 pesos)
  • Food and water (at least 2 liters). Please buy your lunch the day before the ascent to avoid wasting time in the morning.
  • Cash for chailift (9000$) and for the tips for the guides (optional, 10% directly to the guides)
The day before

The day before the ascension, we ask you to come to the agency at the end of the day (+/- 7pm) in order to :

  • Check the weather forecast.
  • Reserve or confirm your reservation by giving us your personal information, -*necessary for our insurance.
  • Try the equipment and be aware of the last necessary information.
  • If you have physical problems (asthma, cardiac deficiency, vertigos...), you must tell us before registering thus we would be able to evaluate the risks.
  • Make sure that you have all the equipment required for the ascent, and that you prepared enough food for the day.
How long do we stay at the summit ?

We stay between 5min and 1h at the edge of the crater depending on :

  • The weather (temperatures, wind, snow)
  • The time we reach the summit
Who is able to do the ascent ?
  • Ascent is allowed from 12 years old (with an authorization from the parents), until 65 years old (you will have to sign a responsability disclaim)
  • An intermediate physical fitness is required. The difficulty of the ascent depends on the seaon and the weather conditions.
  • This activity is not recommanded to pregnant women and people with health problem.
What is the weather condition is unfavorable ?


Conditions favorablesConditions unfavorable
At the agency We go to the base of the volcano to check the weather a second time.We cancel the ascent and postpone it to the day after if the conditions are still good. No cost.
At the volcano base we start the ascent. Middling conditions : (wind, smoke, clouds, rain, ice) : each one takes its own decision : climbing or going back to Pucón We cancel the ascent, and you will only have to pay the price of the transport : 7000$


Which season is the best to climb ?

It is possible to do the ascent in summer. The difficulty changes depending on the weather conditions.