Incentives & Team Building

Pucón is set in beautiful surroundings, between the Lago Villarica and the volcano of the same name. The region is a paradise for adventure sports fanatics since it offers many possibilities of various activities : whitewater sports, trekking, horseback riding, hot springs, ascension of the volcano, motocross, downhill, etc.

Moreover, Pucón has a large hotel capacity with a varied choice of one star to five star accommodation and conference rooms with a capacity of up to 800 persons. So Pucón is the ideal place for your incentive trip to offer your employees an unforgettable stay.

The incentives are now considered as a management technique in itself. The team building allows employees to think together and in an original way and aims to create or install a reflex behavior or approach. Participating in an incentive will allow your employees to develop collective values, to re-motivate your team and to improve their performances, but also to discover some of their unknown character traits and exploit the individual strengths of everyone.

This concept also enhances overflowing, solidarity and coping with stress management. It can be in different forms.

Strong from our experience since 1999, our guides are professionals in the adventure tourism industry. Moreover, they are competent and trained for the incentives and so can turn the activities towards the incentives.

Aguaventura offers you three different models of incentives that we will adapt together to your needs and your budget. Of course, if you have peculiar wishes for your incentives, you can tell us and we will adapt the incentive to your need.

- Sportive incentive :

Come and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and have your employees enjoy great activities that they will not forget. Between rafting, hydrospeed, ascension of the volcano or horseback riding, Pucón is a great place for adventure sports enthusiasts and thrill lovers.

Some of these activities (rafting, hydrospeed,…) can easily integrate “incentives ingredients”, inserting enigmas or physical tests in the course.

- Relaxing incentive :

Reward your employees offering them a relaxing week-end. In nice surroundings, you will enjoy a unique moment of relaxation with the hot springs, food and wines testings, culinary activities….

- Teambuilding – El Pelotón :

El Pelotón is a dynamic team cohesion activity that will challenge your group. It is ideal for a group that want to have fun and develop collective reflection means at the same time. Grouped into teams of 5 to 10 participants, each group has one objective : to associate and exchange information to locate and open a hidden treasure. After a briefing and planning session, we take each team to the starting point in a forest where you can find a good network of footpaths leading into the unknown. During the course, each team will have to solve riddles and face series of obstacles. This is an original way to reveal the skills of each team member (physical condition, general knowledge, teamwork, leadership). Each team will be accompanied and supervised by a professional guide. Each group should elect a « captain » who will be given a backpack that contains a map of the location, the route to follow and goals to be achieved during the activity.

The activity ends with a night out at the hot springs.