4 days Horse riding lessons

4 days Horse riding lessons
Include To bring
Transport to Pucón Comfortable, warm and waterproof clothing
Tent, mat, and backpack Maximum 5kg bag
Gaiters, ponchon and helmet
Food and drinks : 3 meals a day, snacks, drink
Asado (Chilean barbecue)

Place Description and program
Mapuche Quelhue community

Days 1 : You will be arriving at 1pm at the farm where you will be spending your first day. We will show you around and give you your room. Later, we will begin with basic gymnastics that will help you to ride a horse and find your balance. Then you will start riding a horse and be introduced to different forms of riding.

Days 2 : After a night in the mountains, you will be hiking on the mountain’side where you will have a stunning view of the surrounding volcanoes. In the afternoon, you will get the horses and learn how to saddle them. Once you are done, you will be riding between 3 and 4pm in the heart of the Mapuche Quelhue community. We will be going along the Trancura river to our farm.

Day 3 : During the third day, you will be leaving for 2 days of riding. You will be heading to the wild « Cerros de Quelhue » forest Reserve, then riding on the mountain’s side to reach an abandoned barn in the heights where you will set your camp for the night. For dinner, you will enjoy an « Asado al palo » !

Days 4 : At sunrise, We will light a fire to cook a good hot coffee. After breakfast, you will get the horses in the meadow and as soon as you will be ready you will leave the camp to ride through the woods. You will be back at the farm at night with nice memories. Transfer to Pucon. If you want, you have the option to stay longer for even more great times.

4 days, 3 night
number of people : 2-6
Available from November to April