Horseback riding 9 days « Chili - Argentina »

Horseback riding 9 days « Chili - Argentina »
Included To bring
Transport to Pucon Comfortable, warm and waterproof clothing
Tent, mat and backpack Maximum 5kg bag
Gaiters, poncho and helmet
Food and drinks : 3 meals a day, snacks, drinks
Asado (Chilean barbecue)

Place Description and program
Huerquehue National Park , Villarrica Reserve, Icalma, Argentina

Day 1 : You will start the ride from a farm through the heart of the Mapuche Quelhue community. That first day will help us to decide which horse is the best fit for each one of you. In the afternoon you will be reaching the Lagoon Geppinger where you can find showers and toilets.

Day 2-5 : You will continue your ride through vast rainforests of Coighue. You will be riding along lakes and creeks on the way to the Huerquehue National Park. From there you will be passing by the Reigolil and Icalma Mapuche community.

Day 6-8 : You will cross the Argentine border to then leave your Chilean horses for Argentine horses. The trek will continue in Argentinian valleys and mountains where you will see condors in the beetling cliffs. It is a completly uninhabited world part, which make it full of gorgeous scenic views. Day 8, during the evening, you will be back where you left your Chilean horses to celebrate this wonderful adventure around an Asado (typical chilean barbecue). You will be spending your last night in tent.

Day 9 : Transfer to Pucon. If you want, you have the option to pursue your journey on the Argentine side for even more great times.

9 days, 8 nights
Number of people : 2-8
Available from November to April
Good physical condition required, open to beginners (riding : 7 hours a day + difficult paths by foot)